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The Scam Angels crew are sexy and extremely dangerous at the same time. If you meet them, you’ll have the time of your life. But the pleasure will be short lived. When you wake up in the morning after a long night of sex, you’ll be confronted with the cold hard reality that you’ve been scammed. They’ll show you a recording of the night before and ask you for cash in exchange for the video. Don’t pay up and they’ll upload the video to the net and you can kiss your wife goodbye. ScamAngels has a regular price of $29.95 per month but if you join today you’ll pay just $24.95 monthly thanks to our deal. They also offer a 1-year membership for $199.95. That works out to just $16.66 per month. If you select the 1-year plan, you’ll save a grand total of $159.45. In addition to these excellent savings you’ll also receive bonus access to 38 premium sites.

Value: $29.95 | Savings: $5.00 | Our Price: $24.95

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